Prevention and Treatment of Migraines

wm38wm.com Treatment of migraine headaches generally involves three types of drugs drugs to prevent migraines, drugs to stop a migraine in its early stage and drugs to relieve pain. People who experience frequent attacks such as once a week will benefit from taking drugs every day to prevent migraine. Beta-blockers such as propranolal are usually prescribed first. Other drugs that may be prescribed depending on the side effects of the drugs and the presence of other disorders are calcium-channel blockers, antidepressants and some anticonvulsants.
For a migraine attack that is just beginning, most doctors prescribe a group of drugs called triptans. These drugs specifically target the receptors that stimulate the nerves supplying the cerebral blood vessels. They may reverse the dilation of these blood vessels that contribute to migraine. Another drug that is sometimes used is ergotamine. Both these drugs are not recommended for people who have angina, other heart diseases or have prodromal symptoms resembling a stroke as constriction of arteries may trigger one.
Less severe migraines are remedied by analgesics alone or those that contains caffeine. They can also be used with or instead of triptans during a migraine attack. Severe migraines sometimes warrant the use of opioids.